I have had a knee problem for many years and have tried physical therapy before with limited success. Recently, my knee pain started to worsen; when I would wake up in the morning it was completely stiff and I was not able to bend my knee without experiencing quite a bit of pain to even take simple steps. I consulted my orthopedic doctor, who suggested both a cortisone injection and Physical Therapy. With encouragement from my husband, I agreed to try Physical Therapy again, hoping for better results.

My doctor referred me to Rocklin Physical Therapy, and from the moment I stepped into the office, I was optimistic about the outlook for my knee. At my first visit, John spent more than an hour to expertly evaluate my situation. After the initial consultation, I visited twice a week over a five week period. After only a few sessions, my knee pain had reduced quite a bit, and now, after completing 11 sessions, I wake up in the morning with no sign of stiffness or pain in my knee, and I am able to bend my knee almost 100% better than what I could do before. I can pursue my daily activities that sometime require standing for over an hour at a time, without any struggle.

Rocklin Physical Therapy worked wonders for me, and I appreciated how well they worked as a team, from the front office to therapist to all of the aides. You can tell each member of the staff cares for their patients and really tries to help them in any way they can. Although I am finished with my therapy sessions, I have decided to join the Independent Gym at RPT over the next month, so that I can keep up with my exercise program and continue to make progress while I gradually transition to shift to my regular gym routine.

My knee has not felt this good for years! I am truly very thankful to John and all his aides and staff.

-Surinder G.